We are delighted to announce that Carre and KRM have reached an agreement to distribute the full range of Carre products in the UK market with immediate effect. Carre are a leading European manufacturer of mechanical weeding machines, established in 1938, the company remains in the hands of the Carre family. The Carre range adds to our company philosophy of dealing with specialist manufacturers. We see great potential for mechanical weed control as the legal requirements on crop care chemicals become ever more stringent and crop resistance to chemicals increases.


ECONET is an inter row cultivator for crops grown in lines and has proved to be a cost-effective solution to remove invasive weeds without the use of costly chemicals. The Econet consists of hoeing elements mounted on a parallelogram linkage each with it’s own depth wheel to accurately follow ground contours.
Two different duty elements and a wide choice of tools to fit each element adapt to all row crops eg sugar beet, carrots, lettuce, leeks, maize, fodder beet etc. All adjustments on each element can be made without tools and row widths can be simply changed by loosening one bolt, so settings can be quickly altered when changing crops. Latest developments in hoe design and guidance means weeds are effectively destroyed at row widths from as low as 20cm and at speeds of 10 to 12kph.
The Econet is available with fixed or folding single box beam for fixed row widths, or a folding twin box beam to allow row widths to be freely selected to match various crop row widths.

ECONET SGI is an inter row cultivator based on the proven ECONET, but incorporating a precision camera guidance system which provides      accuracy of up to 3cm either side of the row at operating speeds of up to 17kph.


INRO Strip Till cultivator specially developed to bridge the gap between ploughing (which helps warm soil before planting) and the economic savings of direct drilling. The aim is to create a strip of tilled soil for better crop establishment, rapid and deep root development, moisture conservation, improving soil structure and health and at the same time saving fuel, saving time, using less nitrogen and chemicals.

Ideal for row crops such as maize, sugar beet, oilseed rape etc,in rows from 45cm to 80cm, the INRO has individual strip till elements mounted on a parallelogram linkage for accurate contour following, with hydraulic reset of each element to clear hidden obstructions. Each element has discs to clear previous crop residue away from the tilled strip and a carbide tipped loosening tine working from 5cm up to 30cm depth. Following fluted discs create a tilth and a self cleaning chain rear roller firms the surface to conserve moisture. All components of the strip till element can be adjusted without tools.


PRAIRIAL is a unique one pass mounted machine for grassland regeneration, working at speeds up to 15kph. Angled knives aerate and reduce compaction, freeing nitrogen to the plant root and easing water and slurry incorporation. Toothed blades level mole hills and cow pats etc. spreading soil and natural fertiliser. Scarifying tines remove loosened dead thatch and moss to allow air movement, improving the health of the grass sward. All adjustments can be made without tools. Hydraulic fold models with transport lock fold to 2m50. Full road lighting is fitted as standard.

An optional SEMLOC seeder can be added for total or partial reseeding pasture.

Available as 3m fixed or 4m50 and 6m00 hydraulic folding.




SARCLERSE is a tined weeder to compliment other mechanical weeding methods for most crops including cereals, maize, sugar beet etc. at up to 15kph to destroy seed banks with little damage to the crop. The tines have the effect of breaking the surface cap to improve aeration and drainage. This multipurpose harrow is also ideal for pasture work removing moss, dead grass, weeds and improving aeration to rejuvenate grassland. Robust build for high daily work rates and long-life performance. Can be fitted with Semloc seeder for cover crops or total or partial reseeding pasture.

Available from 3m fixed to 12m folding and up to 24m trailed


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